Light Instruments for sale now: Spiro and LightBubbles

Almost all Light Instrument can be custom-made for you. At the moment, two Instruments are ready made: Spiro and LightBubbles. If you are interested you can send me an email ( to discuss details, options, and pricing (e.g. an introduction discount). Options include color, stand, content (the symphony), and delivery or pickup. Also requests for completely made-to-order instruments or any other inquiry (e.g. workshop, presentation, event, support) are welcome. Please do not hesitate to ask anything.

A crystal sphere of 100mm with light element including a small processor. It can be connected to a computer to change the dynamics, but also just to a USB power plug (included). The present content is based on scientific research for optimal fascination bringing mental restoration. A second  program is twinkle with different color palettes. Price €295.

A set of multiple crystal balls in a variety of sizes. Mesmerizing dynamic light effects can be seen in the spheres itself, but also projected onto the ceiling. Three types of additional optical active layers allow you to choose between there different optical effects (included as well as a 5V power USB supply). Price €395 for a 20cmx20cm version.